Moon Abbas
2 min readMay 1, 2021

Why should men not wear pink?

Why is pink associated mostly with the fairer sex?

This question has always intrigued me and I wonder why is pink considered to be hugely feminine?

Why not pink, when every other colour can be worn by both men and women?

Why only pink?

In today’s world, women are not scared of climbing mountains, heading an enterprise and assuming roles which were solely considered to be a man’s cup of tea.

Why can’t males, particularly gay men, wear pink outfits/boots and feel comfortable in their own skin rather than feeling like one of the fictional characters from a Tim Burton movie?

When will this discrimination stop? When will this narrow outlook towards fashion end?

We live in an age where girls have short hair and men grow long tresses. If same-sex marriages can be made legal in the US and top athletes such as Tom Daley come out as gay, why can’t men wear pink, feel free to express their queer sense of style and be proud of who they are?

There was a time when crying and having little facial hair was considered girly for men. And, unmarried middle-aged men were thought of as unhealthy and abnormal. But, women, too, didn’t enjoy equal rights back then.

If women can perform titular roles in Hollywood blockbusters, run in General Elections (as Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton zealously did so in 2016 in the US Presidential campaign) and be allowed to live on their own, why can’t men wear what they like and not be afraid to showcase their passion for fashion?

It’s time the world changed its opinions on fashion trends and not label them ‘girly’ or ‘feminine’.

Let people enjoy wearing what pleases them for once.

Let go of the stigma attached to men.

Spread love and quell hatred.